El teléfono

Miro la pantalla del teléfono, me voy dando cuenta del paso del tiempo y de cuan rápido se pierden minutos de vida. Minutos que yo dedico a ver la pantalla de mi teléfono esperando recibir un mensaje tuyo, un puñado  de letras juntas con algún significado, cualquiera que sea, con eso ya tengo suficiente.  Si […]

The way

It’s difficult to explain. There’re moments when people need to run away and escape. They need to watch life from another point of view and try to find solutions. It’s not that easy find these answers, but at least it’s a kind of beginning. Doing this, people demonstrate the capacity to change the mind and go […]

They made it, they are the heroines (analyzing Stranger Things)

Less than two months after the celebration of the International Women’s Day I’ve finished the second season of Stranger Things, the famous television series released on Netflix. At the beginning seems that there’s no relation between the claiming day and the series, but I have to remark that I’m truly proud of the female characters […]