The story of my life

I woke up, like every day, and when I opened my eyes I saw her staring at her mobile and giving likes to the pictures that she sees on the screen. When she finishes, she just stands up and leaves? She isn’t angry today, she is just doing the same she does every single day?

An hour later, meanwhile I was commuting to my work. I could see everybody looking at their phones as though nothing else was more important than that. I still remembered some years ago, when people still talked to each other about politics, life, and sports, or whatever.

Back at home, I saw Bryan sitting on the couch using his laptop. He is my son and is 13 years old, he never tells me any of his thoughts. I try to spend more time with him and get to know the human being he is turning, but it doesn’t work. He is always, by far, more focused on his phone and the content he finds there rather than everything that surrounds him. 

It’s time to have dinner. All my family is sitting at the same table, swallowing the same food, but we don’t exchange a word. Each of us has our phones, and we’re moving our fingers around the screen. 

This has been my day by day throughout these last years. I’m not an enemy of the phones, but I’m just watching what is happening around me. The Internet has brought to us a huge amount of attractive content. We’re available to see what happens around the world immediately and communicate with people of all corners of the world but, what about our life? What about everything that is happening next to us? 

It’s a fact; the amount of time people spend on social media is increasing every year and young people spend up to 9 hours a day on social platforms. Should we continue this game? Are you sure this is the life you want? STOP, leave the phone away, probably the love of your life is in front of you and you didn’t notice it because you are surfing on the Internet. Social Networking Addiction is rising every year, and the principal victims are young people. Don’t let the phone to control your life and do it yourself.

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